Not Your Typical Mechanical Contractor

Who We Are

Mellon Mechanical Inc is an expert mechanical contractor serving the Greater Philadelphia Area since 2006. We are primarily a commercial/industrial contractor, but we service residential units as well!

Mellon Mechanical Inc is unlike any other mechanical contractor (or "HVAC guy") you have ever dealt with before. We are experts in our field and our goal is to provide our customers exemplary service and help cut their energy expenses. Professional service is not something we advertise, simply because we believe that is a part of our duty to provide professional service to every customer, every time. Anyone who has worked with us before understands that we well outperform the term "professional." We are certified experts by Energy Star, the EPA (lead-safe certification), the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), Bosch Geothermal, Sharp Solar, and many more. We understand that our customers rely on us to keep them comfortable, and we do not believe in using that information for our own benefit.

A common misconception with the HVAC industry is that we only work on heaters and air conditioners. While this is true of many other companies, it is not the case with us. We are mechanical contractors.

A more extensive list of the services we offer is as follows:


❖ HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning)

❖ Refrigeration

❖ Geothermal

❖ Solar

❖ Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

❖ Air balancing

❖ Water balancing

❖ Water source heat pumps

❖ Chillers

❖ Cooling towers

❖ Radiant floor heat

❖ Domestic hot water

❖ Backup generators (Generac)

❖ Mold remediation

❖ ...and much more! (questions? give us a call!)


Above is a high efficiency Bryant air-handler with a new "N" coil, a new Honeywell TrueSteam humidifier, frequency driven gas valve and blower, and high capacity condensate pump.







Equipment Installed by Mellon Mechanical Inc

At Mellon Mechanical Inc, we service all kinds of units. In fact, there are no units which we will not service. However, when we are hired to install the system, we will not use any old system. For more insight into the equipment that we install, feel free to navigate through the tabs above. There are few occasions when we will use customer provided equipment, however Mellon Mechanical does not offer our usual one (1) year labor warranty under these circumstances. Manufacturer's warranties, if applicable, will still apply.


Of course, we always strive to be better patriots, so Mellon Mechanical Inc always tries to use products made in the United States of America (not all products are made here anymore).



❖ We install all brands of traditional HVAC equipment.

❖ We are Carrier/Bryant distributors for traditional air conditioners.

❖ We are also authorized to sell Nordyne equipment.

❖We are Honeywell Pro certified contractors and specialize in all Honeywell products especially controls.

❖ We are certified NTI (high efficiency boilers) installers.

❖ NOTE: The only brand of ductless split air conditioners we install is Mitsubishi Electric.


❖ We install Bohn/HeatCraft refrigeration equipment.

❖ We use Bally brand refrigerator boxes.

❖ All refrigeration installs are done using all Type I, ACR hard copper with 3/4" wall insulation.


❖ We install all brands of water source geothermal equipment.

❖ We are certified expert Bosch geothermal heat pump installers.

❖ For geothermal water pumps, we use Grundfos brand pumps.


❖ We install Sharp solar panels. Mellon Mechanical is Sharp certified and Sharp panels are made in the United States.


Other Equipment

❖ We are authorized Generac generator distributors

❖ We install Loren Cook exhaust fans

❖ We install Bradford White hot water heaters (residential)



HVAC/R (heating, ventilation, air conditioning/refrigeration), while not our only service, is the basis of our company. We are a very specialized company, but our ability to troubleshoot came from properly installing basic HVAC/R units. We are authorized Carrier/Bryant distributors. Carrier/Bryant is the inventor of the air conditioner and produce very reliable HVAC equipment ranging from standard efficiency to high efficiency and everything in between. We service 1 ton ductless split systems all the way up to 500 ton chillers and cooling towers. We are also a full service contractor, which means we install and maintenance units. We offer preventative maintenance contracts to our customers, which essentially is an agreement between us and the customer where, for a cost, we will service the mechanical equipment on the building. We believe that maintenance is just as, if not more, important then install itself. Proper maintenance of mechanical equipment is imperative, and frequently, we solve many of customers' problems by cleaning and maintaining their equipment.

Above is a new Bryant condenser (the old unit is behind it), along with the beautiful Philadelphia skyline in the background.

Refrigeration is one of our specialties. Refrigeration requires much more attention to detail then HVAC, because most of the refrigeration units we work on are walk-in coolers or freezers, beer coolers, and ice machines, all of which are a detrimental loss to our customers' businesses and must be serviced immediately to ensure our customers do not lose business. Often these units are in very hard to reach, seemingly unaccessible locations which requires special attention to avoid potentially hazardous situations for our mechanics. Refrigeration equipment is also different from HVAC in the sense that it runs constantly (your refrigerator never shuts off), which means maintenance is even more important. At Mellon Mechanical Inc, we understand the real value of your equipment, and we try to make our customers aware of that value. We always try to save money by replacing parts instead of entire units and maintaining existing equipment. With roots at GEM Refrigeration, President of Mellon Mechanical, Daniel Mellon Sr., is an expert at refrigeration. Our most recent project included a 60'x60' walk-in freezer with 25' ceilings attached to a 15'x30' walk-in cooler with 12' ceilings, where the freezer temperature can never exceed -20°F.

Above is an old walk-in refrigerator box that Mellon Mechanical disassembled, relocated, and reassembled. Notice how the box blends perfectly into the wall with trim and paint work. We always leave the job looking better then when we got there.


Geothermal heat pumps are the latest in energy efficient comfort control solutions. It involves drilling a well (size of well depends on size of unit) and using ground water to add heat to, or remove heat from the HVAC system. Mellon Mechanical is a Bosch certified expert technician, and we are frequently contacted by Bosch directly to fix broken systems that other contractors could not. Geothermal systems, while great conceptually, must be installed correctly and by the book for maximum energy savings. Poorly installed geothermal systems are quite costly and often do not sufficiently control the climate of the space. Too often do we see customers with high end, expensive equipment that doesn't work right, because the installer of that system did not understand geothermal systems.

Correctly installed geothermal systems however, are at the rated the highest possibly rating (energy efficiency is rated by SEER, or standard energy efficiency rating). Since water's heat removal and adding capabilities are well above that of air, customers get the same result-a climate controlled space-however, their energy costs are 60%-80%(average) lower then they would be with a traditional system. Moreover, on the hottest summer days and the coldest winter nights, a geothermal system runs flawlessly and its capacity remains the same no matter what the outside temperature reaches. Geothermal systems have two main attributes above standard systems that make them worthwhile: 1) they maintain year round comfort in any temperature and 2) they have an exceptionally low cost of operation (if installed properly). Mellon Mechanical is the only company to install a full geothermal system with radiant floor heating in a newly built row home in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia.

Above is a Florida Heat Pump (now owned by Bosch) Aquarius II Geothermal system. On the right wall is the "flow center" which pumps water between the unit and the geothermal well in this customers backyard.


Solar powered energy is a very different service then the other services we offer. It is not rated on the energy efficiency scale because solar panels do not use any energy. Rather, solar panels generate energy, from sunlight, with no emissions whatsoever. It is 100% pollution free source of energy that generates power as long as the sun is shining. Mellon Mechanical Inc is Sharp certified and only installs Sharp solar panels. We install solar panels on a residential, commercial, and industrial scale to fit all of our customers' needs.

Above is a small residential solar array (around 7.5 kWh) on top of a three-car garage.

Not everyone is a candidate for solar panels, simply because of the prerequisites. For example, the panels must be on a south facing slope, and must not have anything blocking the sunlight from any angle. This is to ensure that the panels produce as much power as possible. The problem with installing solar panels under sub-par conditions is that in order to get the federal rebate for solar power, your panels must generate at least 80% of their maximum output. If we recognize that your situation may not be indicative of solar panels, we promise not to sell you anything that we don't think you'll need.

Backup Generation

At Mellon Mechanical Inc, our goal is to bring maximum comfort at a minimum cost. We want our customers to be comfortable no matter what time of year and no matter what the weather is doing. What happens, though, if the power goes out? Now, Mellon Mechanical can take care of that problem as well.

Mellon Mechanical Inc is a certified Generac distributor. Generac specializes in full home, natural gas fired generators. Since natural gas does not require power to flow, your Generac full home generator will give you all the luxuries of home, even when the whole neighborhood is without power. We can install smaller, air-cooled generators to keep the necessities running (the fridge, the heat/ac, one wall outlet, etc) or larger, liquid-cooled generators to keep your entire house going. Generac also offers hi-tech transfer switches so that the generator will detect a voltage drop in the incoming power and bring itself on to avoid equipment damage (damage caused by low incoming voltage).

No matter what the problem is with your mechanical equipment, Mellon Mechanical has the knowledge and expertise to solve it. We take pride in providing our customers with a job-well-done at a fair price. We do not believe in hidden charges and will never charge a customer for something unless it is verbally or contractually (depending on cost) agreed to. Please give us a call today so we can help you as we have so many others!

Above is a high end residential Generac generator, with a specially designed enclosure to reduce noise and keep it running as quietly as possible without reducing the efficiency.

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